Top 5 Gifts for Children

It goes without saying that your children will demand for gifts come Christmas. Now, what are you planning to buy them? The last thing you want is to disappoint your children during Christmas. It is important to note that Christmas gifts do not necessarily have to be expensive. You can still go simple and meet the expectations of your children.

The first thing you should understand is that gifts go with taste and preference. What your first child wants may not be what your second one wants. In other words, you need to be with your children when making a selection of Christmas gifts. Or rather, you can surprise them with what they have been yearning to have all their lives.

To make your selection task easy, here are some of the gifts that you should consider buying for your child:

1. Electric Scooter

electric scooter

Maybe your child has been among those who sit by the roadside watching their friends riding scooters. It feels really bad. Why don’t you change the course of things and buy your child a scooter too. Yes! an electric scooter for kids will be a perfect Christmas surprise.

The market today has electric scooters that you can buy for your child. In fact, there are different types of such scooters at your disposal. It is for you, therefore, to choose a scooter that will make your child happy come Christmas. Be sure to consider the main specs of the electric scooter you intend to buy for your child. Best features mean best performance and a smooth ride. Take a look at which reviews the best electric scooters for kids.

2. Soccer Ball


This goes well for parents with growing boys. Any boy loves the sound of soccer at first sight. You must have noticed that boys at their tender age tend to form cocoons and play soccer to entertain themselves. Why then should you not make your boy be the one to give his colleagues a soccer ball to play together? You can be assured that he will feel great. He can even play football from home after a long day with his friends.

Assorted soccer balls are available in the market and you have every reason to choose the best for your child. Let them love soccer even more by getting them the very best soccer ball. Visit to know more about soccer balls.

3. Dog Pet


There is nothing that gives more joy to children than rearing and taking care of a dog pet. It is indeed something that any child loves doing over and over. I believe that your child is not different and he/she would love to have his own. You can consider buying a dog pet for your child this Christmas.

If that is your ultimate decision, make sure that the dog you have chosen is of a color that will undoubtedly please your child. There are so many choices at your disposal hence the need to ensure that you opt for the right one for your child.

4. Skateboard


Another very great thing that can make an ideal Christmas gift is a skateboard. Skating happens to be one of the commonest games that children participate in and yours should not be left alone. It feels great when your child joins others in the neighborhood and skate together. You can therefore consider buying a skateboard for your child this Christmas.

To make the right selection of a skateboard, you need to consider all the features available. Look for a skateboard that accounts for your child’s safety, comfort and fun. Such a scooter will certainly give you the best guarantee. A skateboard that has the best wheels and stepping base will certainly do for any child.

5. Dollhouse

doll house

A dollhouse works just fine for female children. It would not be a bad idea to help your child accommodate the many dolls that you bought her sometimes back. The best thing is that there are so many options of dollhouses out there hence you are at liberty to make your choice. The size of such a house matters a lot. It is always nice to consider a dollhouse that is large enough to accommodate her dolls.

It is pretty obvious that there are so many gifts that you can buy for your child this Christmas. All you need is to ensure that your child is fully satisfied with the gift. Price must never be an issue as compared to your child’s happiness.

Should You Choose a Baby Sling or a Baby Carrier?


Baby carriers provide immense feeling of love and closeness to babies as well as to the parents. Many parents love the ease and incomparable feeling of bonding provided by carriers. Parents can easily navigate in crowded places, complete daily scheduled tasks while baby is always relaxing next to them in the carrier. There are many types of baby carriers that are easily and readily available in shops. There are different styles namely, baby slings, front carriers, wrap etc.

A Brief Intro on Baby Carrier and Baby Sling

Baby Front carrier and Baby sling, both are actually part of baby carriers. They are used to carry babies in the most comfortable manner.

Baby carrier: It consists of two shoulder straps which support a fabric seat. Baby can sit in two ways either inward facing or outward facing. For small babies, it is suggested to keep babies in carrier in that position that they should always see parents face.

Baby sling: A baby sling is a swath worn across torso and over one shoulder. Baby Slings comes in many ways liked padded, unpadded, with adjustments etc.

Buying a Sling or Baby Front carrier?

There are many benefits in using carriers for babies whether it’s a Baby sling or Baby carrier. Both have pros and cons associated with them.

  1. Baby carriers are considered as safe options. They have number of safety attachments like hooks, straps and latch. Baby slings do not comprise of any kind of hooks and loops. Instead they are made up of soft slings which are difficult to tie safely.
  2. Baby feels more safe and close in baby slings as compared to baby carriers.
  3. Weight is evenly distributed in baby slings as compared to baby carriers. Hence parents will not suffer from backache easily after a long use of baby sling.
  4. Baby slings are especially good for those babies who are on breastfeed. Baby cannot be breastfeed in baby front carrier.
  5. Baby carrier can be used by those women who are very petite. These women can carry their babies easily in carriers instead of slings.
  6. Some front baby carriers can be worn on back which can help parents to carry heavy babies with much ease.
  7. Baby slings are comparatively cheaper than baby carriers.


Parents should try sling as well as carrier before buying one. They can try to borrow from some close friend which may help them to select the best baby carrier for their child. Parents can also check online as there are many options available in slings and baby carriers. Along with this, parents need to understand specific factors like baby’s nature, weight, habits, etc… before buying any one of them.

Diaper Bags Buying Guide


Diaper bags have become a common sight these days. As parents carry their baby around to work and many other places, they prefer using diapers as opposed to cloth napkins for their babies. This has made diaper bags a necessity for new parents. While many parents go for designer ones, others prefer the basic ones that hold a few necessary things required for the babies. With so many styles and designs of diaper bags available, parents are spoilt for choice. People can experiment with colors, shapes and even materials. Many parents even invest in more than one diaper bag to match them with the outfit of their babies. This buying guide will help new parents choose one the best diaper bags that meets their requirements and preferences.

The Material of the Diaper Bag


From the basic cotton ones to the ones in exotic and fancy materials, diaper bags are available in a variety of materials. There are many things that parents need to consider while selecting the material. A diaper bag is used day in and day out. It should be tough enough to face the abuses that it will go through while in use. Parents might love to carry around the exotic fancy diaper bags. However, they do not last for a long time. It is advisable to look for a fabric that can be cleaned easily and regularly, without much hassle. Many parents prefer a material that can be easily wiped when required. Faux leather bags or vinyl ones can be wiped easily. People who prefer fabric bags can choose those ones that have a plastic protective cover around it.

Different Styles in Diaper Bag


Parents can opt for basic messenger style diaper bags or the newly introduced tote diaper bags. The market is flooded with different styles when it comes to diaper bags. While selecting the one, parents should consider the frequency of use. Working parents often select backpack diaper bags as they execute other tasks while carrying around the baby and the diaper bag. Backpack diaper bags can be carried for long distances and are best options during traveling. In contrast, messenger diaper bags are best suited for short distances. Parents prefer diaper bags that are attractive enough to carry them around. However it is advisable to choose a color that is not a distraction.

Available Features in Diaper Bag

Okkatots Diaper Bag Features

Okkatots Diaper Bag Features

While looking for features in a diaper bag, parents should opt for those ones that have wide straps that are made of non-slippery material. To test whether the diaper bag is easy to use, parents can carry them around the store before buying. The size of the diaper bag should not be ignored while considering a diaper bag. It should be comfortable to use and carry. Parents who are bottle feeding their kids can hunt for those diaper bags that come with insulated pockets for holding the bottle. Many mothers do not carry an extra purse for themselves and stuff their belongings in the baby’s bag. In such cases, features like cell phone pockets, key clips, space for organizers are a must.

Traveling tips for first time travelers

uuTraveling can be a completely interesting affair especially if it is with family and friends. With the near and dear ones around, one has to hardly be worried about anything. What if someone is traveling alone and for the first time? There are few traveling tips for first time travelers to ensure that the trip turns out to be fun-tastic!

Expert Traveling Tips: For new ones

1. One will have to forget the comfort of home while traveling and hence one may come across not so suitable place, people and food.

2. Learning the basics of the local lingo can help build a trust with the people around and develop an association with them.

3. A traveler should avoid being judgmental and be open to learn new things. Do not go by the face value. Beauty can be deceptive.

4. Being travelers, one should never forget mannerisms and respect local customs of the particular region. This paves a way for the ‘welcoming attitude’ from the locales.

5. On the travel mode, one should definitely try all sorts of cuisine even those that are available on the roadside. Shedding discomfort can help one grow.

6. A traveler should carry a handbook or guide that helps in navigation and avoiding thugs in causing any danger. One should also carry essential accessories such as headphones, travel kits etc. with them in order to make the trip more comfortable.

7. If the aim is to learn about the place, one should use local food, local transport and local accommodation.

8. If a person is scared of doing something, that is the first thing to do so as to get rid of the fear. Hence a traveler should seek to do the things he might never have attempted.

9. Whether it is for short or long distance travel it is always good to carry minimal baggage as may be required. This will reduce the burden of luggage to be carried all along.

The best way to learn the art of traveling is to begin early. According to Saint Augustine, the great philosopher – the planet of Earth is a book and those people who do not travel end up reading a single page. Why would one want to miss out reading this extraordinary book?

Scoring the Perfect Apartment Location

121There are all kinds of questions swimming around in your head when it comes to thinking about things to look for in a potential apartment. A lot of them are really important like, “How many of my vital organs will I have to sell per month in order to make rent on his apartment?” and “Does a rat trap come free with purchase, or will I need to pick up my own?” One of the most important aspects to consider, though, is not cost or cleanliness but location. Your apartment is going to be your new home, for however long or short you live there. You need it to suit your particular needs.

The Daily Commute

You may think your apartment locator has just found you the most absolutely perfect apartment. It’s just the right size, just the right shape, and chock full of all the amenities you can think of. The only snag is it’s an hour away from your job. But no problem, right? Wrong. Think about it. It’s 5am. You have to be at work by 7:30. You need to be up and at ’em five minutes ago if you’re going to be on time. The same thing will happen on your way home. It’s been a hard, long day. You’re going to hit that 5 o clock traffic. Suddenly that hour commute just became a 2 hour commute, and all you want is to go home. Your life is worth more than driving to and from work. It is not the perfect apartment.

Consider only apartments with driving distances that give your gas budget (not to mention your snooze button) a break or apartments that are near public transportation hubs. That way, you won’t have to worry about traffic jams or clear thinking. Make yourself a cup of coffee, grab your briefcase, and let somebody else do the work to get you to work.

Stranger Danger

It doesn’t matter how cute it is or even if it is so close that it is literally on top of your place of work. If you feel the need to carry pepper spray with you on the way to the bathroom, there is a problem. It is not the perfect apartment. Your home is your safe place. Make sure it is, indeed, a safe place. Choose a neighborhood, like the deep ellum apartments, that you would feel secure walking around in during early evening hours.

What’s Nearby

Introverts and extroverts alike need to think about this one. Extroverts, do not end up in a cutsie apartment that is years away from the nearest club or strip mall. You will regret it every Saturday night when you have to pack snacks in the glove compartment and drive an extra forty-five minutes just to go out for dinner. Introverts, don’t get stuck living in an apartment complex in the loud, trendy part of town. You will regret it every time you hear the cackle of a twenty-something who’s had too much to drink or the party wagon pulling down the street. It isn’t your scene. Don’t even try it.

Game Plan

The trick is devising a strategic plan and sticking to it. Set your parameters for where you want to live and only look in those places. “Oh this one’s only ten miles outside my circle!” Stop it. Let not thyself be tempted. Your future sleeping self will thank you for that extra half hour every morning. Stick to your circle. It will save you time and energy, both now and later.